Julie Gould – science communicator

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Julie loves stories, loves science, and loves to talk. So what better way for her to go than into science communication? With a Masters in physics and science communication, Julie has the skills to take a complex scientific subject and turn it into something accessible on many levels.

Julie is currently working at Nature Publishing Group as the Naturejobs web & advertorial editor.

Julie has been working on Speaking of Science, a series of interviews with scientists and science communicators about science communication. She also runs the science communication network Speakers of Science, an exploratory platform where scientists and science communicators can experiment with their style and method of communication.

Julie Gould science communication

Although most of her experience in radio, both live and pre-recorded, Julie is comfortable both in front and behind a camera. Always looking to try something new, she’s currently building up experience at both. Julie is also able to stand in front of audiences of varying sizes and get them interested and excited about science, with performances at Science Showoff and the Cardiff Science Festival (2012). She even set up her own educational/entertainment show Science of Swimming, which has been to schools in the Guildford area. Want to get in touch? Email me directly at info [at] juliegould [dot] net, or fill in the contact form.