Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014

Over this weekend, London has been the host to the Citizen Cyberscience Summit. I was asked to attend, and to collect some answers to the following questions to the delegates: 1) What is your vision for the future of citizen

Beautiful data

Infographics and data visualisations are becoming increasingly popular, and you see them almost everywhere you look. But what is their visual legacy? How has data visualisation evolved over time and what role does it play in science today? The British


Yesterday I was curious to see how scientists prefer to read academic papers: as a PDF or HTML?. I’m planning a Naturejobs podcast on publishing, and this question came to me. Here are some of the Twitter responses. If you’ve

Global vs Local

Although I’m new to the world of print publishing, I have been writing online for a while. The more I time I spend writing online, the more I learn about how it works. But it’s not a quick process; it’s

Citizen Cyberscience Summit

In two weeks time, the 3rd Citizen Cyberscience Summit will be held in London. In the past few months, I’ve been working closely with some of the Citizen Cyberlab team, making some videos of events they attend and running their podcast Citizens of

Science of Smell

This podcast first appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 144 on December 12th 2013 In this podcast I explore how our noses work through the science of smell.

“Follow your nose” “Stop being Nosy” I’m sure there are more phrases

DIY Swimsuits

Back in the day (just over 110 years ago) swimming was just about making it to the Olympics. Swimming back then was nothing like swimming back now. In the first swimming Olympic Games in 1896 there were only 5 events,

Battling sleeping sickness

YAY – yesterday my first article for BBC News online was published! I thought it was a great story, and so it also features in this weeks’ Science in Action (which I produced!) and is first broadcast today at 18:32

SHOW: The Scientific Swimmer

Julie Gould: The Scientific Swimmer   Learn how to improve your swimming technique and power by applying simple physics to your training. Understand how your body moves through the water. Feel the water and begin manipulating it to your advantage.

Audio adventures

There’s just something special about working with sounds. They leave just the right amount to the imagination, but give the listener enough to build that imagination. What I love most about working with radio, is how the spoken word contains