Freelance Science Communicator – Julie Gould MPhys


Julie Gould is a freelance science communicator.

Julie holds a masters in Physics, and is working towards an MSc in science communication.

She is a published freelance radio producer, presenter and contributor at Radio Cardiff, Resonance FM and BBC World Service.

She has also written articles for I, Science Magazine, BBC News online and many more.

With a passion and enthusiasm for discovery, stories and communicating science, Julie has the ability to reach and adapt content for many audiences.

Multimedia production


Julie has skills in both audio and visual production.

Julie Gould science communicationJulie Gould Science Communcation








Finely balancing the spoken word with sound effects, Julie is able to immerse the listener into your world.

Combining audio editing skills with visuals adds an additional layer to the story you’re trying to tell.

Communicating science by bringing stories of science to life

Looking for someone to bring your science to life? Contact Julie