Freelance Science Journalist - Julie Gould MPhys

Julie Gould is a freelance science journalist.

Julie holds a masters in Physics form Cardiff and MSc in science communication from Imperial College London.

Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) has become a great passion of Julie’s. Turning not only the cutting edge, but the obscure, different and interesting parts of science out is a challenge that science journalism brings, and Julie loves.

Being a freelance science journalist allows Julie to engage in many different scientific disciplines, ranging from synthetic biology to Alzheimers and meta-materials to the microbiota.

As a freelance science journalist, Julie has written for blogs covering live events and news pieces covering the latest science news for BBC Online. Julie has tackled subjects like the ethics of evolution or genetic patentingmeta-materials and invisibilityneurodegenerative disease and many more for podcasts. And finally, she has also reported science news on the BBC World Service.

With a passion and enthusiasm for discovery, stories and communicating science, Julie has the ability to reach and adapt content for many audiences.

By combining her writing and radio production and presenting skills, Julie can put together the whole package.

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Communicating science by bringing stories of science to life

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