Freelance Science Reporter - Julie Gould MPhys

As a freelance science reporter, Julie has considerable experience covering live events both in the UK and abroad.

By using her audio, visual and written skills Julie can provide you with a complete event coverage package.

Julie-Gould-CERNLooking for someone to produce short films as an overview of your unconference, hackday, meet up or festival? Then look no further – having produced a film at CERN for the CERN Summer Student Web Fest, Julie can handle anything!






Are you running a festival and don’t want people to miss out on the atmosphere? Julie can create soundscapes and interviews that make people feel as if they were there. Having covered Hackdays and Science Festivals, as well as producing a piece for the Mozilla Foundation Festival 2013, Julie is comfortable with any STEM-orientated events.



Want some promotional pieces? Julie can create audio montages that bring out the very essence of your events. Meet The Neuroscientists used a montage that Julie created, called When Scientists Meet The Public, in the lead up to this year’s event.


Or would you like some live blogging? Julie has covered conferences and festivals, and is happy to tailer the content to the required audience.

Please get in touch if you want need Julie to be your freelance science reporter and help bring your science event to life.