Moderator: Science is never boring at #ESOF2018

Moderator: Science is never boring at #ESOF2018

Know your audience; Keep it simple; Love what you do

Image Credit: Brian Cahill

Science is never boring was a “fish bowl” style discussion held at Euroscience Open Forum 2018.

Together with a diverse panel of science communicators, we discussed what it takes to make science interesting and engaging for a variety of audiences.

Our main take-away messages were:

  1. Know your audience: understand who they are and what they need/want
  2. Keep it simple: don’t overcomplicate your message. Focus on one main aspect
  3. Love what you do: if you’re passionate about what you do and what you communicate, it will come across to your audience.

The panel included:

Adria LeBoeuf: researcher; director of The Catalyst

Verena Viarisio: Outreach and local communications manager at EMBL

Jernej Zupanc: Founder of Seyens, expert in visual communications and consultant for H2020 grants.

Elodie Chabrol: International director for Pint of Science

Alaina Levine: Director of Quantum Success Solutions, careers advisor, journalist, speaker, author

Many thanks to Sarah Blackford for helping with the organisation of the panel.