A not so bedtime story… about faecal transplants

This podcast originally appeared on the Pod Delusion episode 198 on May 31st 2013 After being absolutely awed at her book, I spoke to Mary Roach, author of Gulp: adventures along the Alimentary Canal about a particularly icky story on

Would you eat laboratory-grown meat?

Would you eat meat that has been grown in a lab rather than taken directly from the animal? This is a question that I’ve been asking as preparations for the first lab-grown burger to be cooked are happening. Prof Mark

DIY Biology with Thomas Landrain

This originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 123 on May 16th 2013 For this podcast I spoke to Thomas Landrain, the founder of La Paillase, a DIY Biology lab in Paris. I wanted to share this piece on here because

Wimbledon 2013: The Philosophers Battle

As part of the MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, we were asked at the beginning of January to create a product, any product, that was based on the first semester’s theory. I remember that day. It was, I must admit,


This podcast was originally on Pythagoras Trousers episode 144 on March 14th 2013 Ichthyostega is believed to be the first creature that first moved from the swamps onto land. In order to accomodate the higher levels of gravitational pull, it

Synthetic Biology

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 111 on February 21st 2013 This month, I’ve been learning about synthetic biology. With one of the biggest synthetic biology conferences happening at Imperial College in the summer this year, I wanted

Inside John’s freezer – the grand tour

A few weeks ago, curiosity got the better of me. John Hutchinson, professor of evolutionary biomechanics at the Royal Vetinerary College in London, has a personal website called What’s in John’s freezer? A title like that just begs for an answer, and

Mending a broken heart

Reading scientific papers has always been a challenge, especially in areas that I’m not very clued up on. Now that I’ve been out of the research bubble for a while, it’s become even more difficult. This is why our practical

Predicting Biodiversity

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 106 on January 17th 2013 Predicting biodiversity is an interview with Blake Suttle about how we can watch the movements of plants and animals to be able to predict their movement in

Urinary Tract Infections

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 101 on December 13th 2012 This is an interview with Jenny Rhon about her research on Urinary Tract Infections.

The majority of people have had a UTI, and have been to


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