Binaural Beats

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 135 on October 10th 2013 This is a podcast about binaural beats.

Binaural beats are created when two ever-so-slightly different frequency tones are listened to in the left and right ear.

Over The Air 2013

This podcast originally appeared on the Pod Delusion episode 207 on October 4th 2013 This podcast gives a bit of a flavour of the makers and shakers that attended Over The Air 2013.

I attended OTA on behalf of

Citizen Cyberlab

  Citizen Cyberlab is an EU funded project that provides online platforms for citizen science projects. I am the freelance multimedia producer for Citizen Cyberlab, writing blogs, doing interviews, making podcasts and audio slideshows as well as creating short films.

Life at the BBC: Day 1

So, today was the day. I started my month at the BBC Radio 4 Science Unit, and will be working on the shows Science in Action (BBC World Service) and Inside Science (BBC Radio 4). I was super excited to get

A different pair of shoes

It’s funny, isn’t it? The phrase, walk a mile in another’s shoes? Who would want to do that? I mean, their feet probably aren’t the same size as your own, and did an awful lot of sweating which would make

Coming up!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks, what with my dissertation, working with the team at Citizen Cyberlab, tagging along to SB6.0, moving into London and looking for jobs! But now, things are getting even more exciting: next

Ideas + money = innovation

Some thoughts from an outsider on what I learned sitting at the edges of SB6.0, July 10th 2013 You know that feeling? That feeling when you walk from a hot, sticky street after walking somewhere into the cool, refreshing air

Comparing lots with none

These two Wordles compare the uniformed definitions of synthetic biology that subjects gave me for my MSc research. Those who said they knew “A lot” about synthetic biology: Those who knew nothing at all about synthetic biology: I think this

What is synthetic biology?

A quick preview of some of the results from my MSc research. This is a word cloud showing the words used to answer the question: What is synthetic biology? These results are in no way final, this is a preliminary

Patenting nature

This package originally appeared on the Pod Delusion episode 192 on June 21st 2013 On June 13th, the US Supreme courts gave their final verdict on the Association for molecular Pathology vs Myriad Genetics case. The story started in 2009, when the ACLU


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