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BBC News online (Science) – Silver trumps gold in nano advance

News, September 6th 2013 Scientists have come up with a better way to make silver nanoparticles, which are used in textiles and cosmetics. The tiny metallic particles are often used because of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties – in wound

BBC News Online (Health) – TB has human, not animal origins says study

News, September 2nd 2013 The origins of human tuberculosis have been traced back to hunter-gatherer groups in Africa 70,000 years ago, an international team of scientists say. The research goes against common belief that TB originated in animals only 10,000

BBC News Online – Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers

News, August 30th 2013 Being poor can sap a person’s mental resources, research published in the journal Science suggests. The work, by an international team, demonstrates how poverty takes its toll on cognitive function, leaving less mental capacity for other

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It’s been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks, what with my dissertation, working with the team at Citizen Cyberlab, tagging along to SB6.0, moving into London and looking for jobs! But now, things are getting even more exciting: next

Backstage at The Life Scientific

One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across when doing interviews for a radio piece or podcast, is that you have to be able to do many things at once: listen to the speaker, follow your set questions, remember things

Wimbledon 2013: The Philosophers Battle

As part of the MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, we were asked at the beginning of January to create a product, any product, that was based on the first semester’s theory. I remember that day. It was, I must admit,