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British Science Association

As part of my work placement at the British Science Association, summer 2012, I was able to write several features in preparation for the British Science Festival. British Science Festival 2012 (Feature), 2nd August 2012 British Science Festival 2012 preview: Forensic

Collecting memories

This summer I have been working as the Science in Society Assistant at the British Science Association. My main role has been to organise, run and produce the x-change, a daily highlights show at the British Science Festival. The live show brought

In conversation with Bill Bryson

It’s not often that I am in the company of those who have written best-selling books about science, history, travelling and world culture. They are very rare people. But last week, during the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, I had

Pressing News

Have you ever been to a talk in which the speaker was unbearably boring? Their voice was monotonous, their mannerisms slow, and they were reading verbatim from slides? If this sounds familiar, you must be, or have recently been, a