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Can you define nature?

One comment I picked up on today (summary here) during the #futureofnature conference was that the most difficult word to define in the English language is nature. What is nature? Have we integrated and/or meddled with nature to such an extent

#futureofnature Day 1 summary

My thoughts, memories, and uptakes of the days’ events. Brain Overload during the day = Brain dump now… before I forget what happened! This afternoon has been a complete eye-opener for me. I have already met some great people, talking

Synthetic Biology

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 111 on February 21st 2013 This month, I’ve been learning about synthetic biology. With one of the biggest synthetic biology conferences happening at Imperial College in the summer this year, I wanted

Why is the sky blue?

As scientists, have you ever been asked the question: “what do you do?” And get a blank stare of complete incomprehension back when you answer it? I have, and I haven’t even done any seriously complicated science. The thing is,