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BBC News Online (Health) – TB has human, not animal origins says study

News, September 2nd 2013 The origins of human tuberculosis have been traced back to hunter-gatherer groups in Africa 70,000 years ago, an international team of scientists say. The research goes against common belief that TB originated in animals only 10,000

BBC News online (Health) – Early step in sleeping sickness cure

News, August 21st 2013 Scientists have taken a tentative step towards creating a cure for the most common form of sleeping sickness. The gambiense strain of the trypanosoma parasite is resistant to proteins the immune system produces to fight the

You are what you eat

Science and technology has provided society with some ingenious inventions over the years. We have lifts, we have cars, we have sofas, we have comfortable shoes, air conditioning, central heating. The list is endless. All these things, mostly invented since