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Patenting nature

This package originally appeared on the Pod Delusion episode 192 on June 21st 2013 On June 13th, the US Supreme courts gave their final verdict on the Association for molecular Pathology vs Myriad Genetics case. The story started in 2009, when the ACLU

Can you define nature?

One comment I picked up on today (summary here) during the #futureofnature conference was that the most difficult word to define in the English language is nature. What is nature? Have we integrated and/or meddled with nature to such an extent

How will synthetic biology and conservation shape the future of nature?

I’m sitting in one of the gardens in Clare College, part of the history university of Cambridge, surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, and even the occasional bumble bee hovers past me. I’ve come here for a conference titled “How will

Mending a broken heart

Reading scientific papers has always been a challenge, especially in areas that I’m not very clued up on. Now that I’ve been out of the research bubble for a while, it’s become even more difficult. This is why our practical

Imitation and inspiration

Inspired by nature, created by science.  Science can be thought of as the study of nature, the discovery of what makes our world tick. By observing the natural world scientists learn what it is made up of, how species go