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I, Science – #Scicom21 review: Engaging young people with science

Review, October 16th 2012 This October marks the 21st birthday of the science communication masters at Imperial College, London. And what better way to celebrate that inviting students, old and new, to network, discuss and learn about engaging young people with

Lighting up a new path for science?

The scientific method, although with variations, goes something like this: a group of scientists get together and come up with a theory. They make predictions based on this theory, and then set up an experiment to test the theory. In

#futureofnature Day 3 summary

My thoughts, memories, and uptakes of the days’ events. Today has been about exploring the public perception of, and public engagement with synthetic biology and conservation biology. The question asked to the panel this morning was: The public landscape of

Synthetic Biology

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 111 on February 21st 2013 This month, I’ve been learning about synthetic biology. With one of the biggest synthetic biology conferences happening at Imperial College in the summer this year, I wanted