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Yesterday I was curious to see how scientists prefer to read academic papers: as a PDF or HTML?. I’m planning a Naturejobs podcast on publishing, and this question came to me. Here are some of the Twitter responses. If you’ve

A Fireside chat about science

It’s lunch time on Sunday afternoon and the room is full. People are excited to find out what Mozilla has in mind for science. This is the Fireside Chat, where we learn what Kaitlin Thaney, Mark Surman and Josh Greenberg have on their minds for

Open science

It’s tricky, as I discovered. There are as many meanings as there are people. I’ve been at the first day of Mozfest 2013. Mozfest was big, varied and fun! Coders, hackers, programmers, makers, shakers, the lot. They were all there. I

Life at the BBC: Day 1

So, today was the day. I started my month at the BBC Radio 4 Science Unit, and will be working on the shows Science in Action (BBC World Service) and Inside Science (BBC Radio 4). I was super excited to get

Comparing lots with none

These two Wordles compare the uniformed definitions of synthetic biology that subjects gave me for my MSc research. Those who said they knew “A lot” about synthetic biology: Those who knew nothing at all about synthetic biology: I think this

What is synthetic biology?

A quick preview of some of the results from my MSc research. This is a word cloud showing the words used to answer the question: What is synthetic biology? These results are in no way final, this is a preliminary

Would you eat laboratory-grown meat?

Would you eat meat that has been grown in a lab rather than taken directly from the animal? This is a question that I’ve been asking as preparations for the first lab-grown burger to be cooked are happening. Prof Mark

DIY Biology with Thomas Landrain

This originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 123 on May 16th 2013 For this podcast I spoke to Thomas Landrain, the founder of La Paillase, a DIY Biology lab in Paris. I wanted to share this piece on here because

#futureofnature Day 1 summary

My thoughts, memories, and uptakes of the days’ events. Brain Overload during the day = Brain dump now… before I forget what happened! This afternoon has been a complete eye-opener for me. I have already met some great people, talking

Synthetic Biology

This podcast originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 111 on February 21st 2013 This month, I’ve been learning about synthetic biology. With one of the biggest synthetic biology conferences happening at Imperial College in the summer this year, I wanted