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DIY Swimsuits

Back in the day (just over 110 years ago) swimming was just about making it to the Olympics. Swimming back then was nothing like swimming back now. In the first swimming Olympic Games in 1896 there were only 5 events,

Audio adventures

There’s just something special about working with sounds. They leave just the right amount to the imagination, but give the listener enough to build that imagination. What I love most about working with radio, is how the spoken word contains

Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013

This podcast originally appeared on the Pod Delusion, episode 214 on November 22nd 2013. This podcast is an audio adventure from the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013

The Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2013 is organised by the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Citizens Of Science

As part of my role as Freelance Multimedia Producer at The Mobile Collective, I am running their podcast series called Citizens of Science, hosted on Audioboo. My role is to produce, present and research each episode of Citizens of Science,

A Fireside chat about science

It’s lunch time on Sunday afternoon and the room is full. People are excited to find out what Mozilla has in mind for science. This is the Fireside Chat, where we learn what Kaitlin Thaney, Mark Surman and Josh Greenberg have on their minds for

Open science

It’s tricky, as I discovered. There are as many meanings as there are people. I’ve been at the first day of Mozfest 2013. Mozfest was big, varied and fun! Coders, hackers, programmers, makers, shakers, the lot. They were all there. I

The end is nigh…

With four days to go until my dissertation deadline, I thought I would spend some time blogging, rather than writing my dissertation. Maybe not the best idea, but at the moment graphs, numbers and quotes are giving me a headache

I, Science Magazine – Bitcoin$

Magazine feature, published online September 6th 2013 As the financial crisis in Europe continues, could Bitcoin be the solution to our economic woes? Before pounds and dollars, you could use solid gold in exchange for goods. There was a limited

BBC News online (Science) – Silver trumps gold in nano advance

News, September 6th 2013 Scientists have come up with a better way to make silver nanoparticles, which are used in textiles and cosmetics. The tiny metallic particles are often used because of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties – in wound

BBC News Online (Health) – TB has human, not animal origins says study

News, September 2nd 2013 The origins of human tuberculosis have been traced back to hunter-gatherer groups in Africa 70,000 years ago, an international team of scientists say. The research goes against common belief that TB originated in animals only 10,000