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DIY Swimsuits

Back in the day (just over 110 years ago) swimming was just about making it to the Olympics. Swimming back then was nothing like swimming back now. In the first swimming Olympic Games in 1896 there were only 5 events,

SHOW: The Scientific Swimmer

Julie Gould: The Scientific Swimmer   Learn how to improve your swimming technique and power by applying simple physics to your training. Understand how your body moves through the water. Feel the water and begin manipulating it to your advantage.

I, Science – Goggle vision

Feature, May 16th 2013 Humans might be the dominant species on land, but we’ve fared less well underwater, partly due to our inability to see clearly. This meant a world of adventure was inaccessible to us until the invention of

My First Science Festival Experience

A few weeks ago, I gave you a bit of a teaser about a demo I was planning for my Science of Swimming talk at the Cardiff Science Festival. Well, I’m pleased to say that the demos I used worked! Last Thursday I