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Refractive Index – To patent or not to patent?

Feature, July 1st 2013 Patenting human genetic sequences has been going on for decades, and has allowed biotech companies all over the world to monopolise the market for genetic testing. But, for better or worse, a the recent ruling of

Ideas + money = innovation

Some thoughts from an outsider on what I learned sitting at the edges of SB6.0, July 10th 2013 You know that feeling? That feeling when you walk from a hot, sticky street after walking somewhere into the cool, refreshing air

Comparing lots with none

These two Wordles compare the uniformed definitions of synthetic biology that subjects gave me for my MSc research. Those who said they knew “A lot” about synthetic biology: Those who knew nothing at all about synthetic biology: I think this

What is synthetic biology?

A quick preview of some of the results from my MSc research. This is a word cloud showing the words used to answer the question: What is synthetic biology? These results are in no way final, this is a preliminary

Lighting up a new path for science?

The scientific method, although with variations, goes something like this: a group of scientists get together and come up with a theory. They make predictions based on this theory, and then set up an experiment to test the theory. In

Whats in a name?

Not a lot, right? I mean, I could be Jo, Louise, Carla or Julie, but I don’t think it changes my personality. And an apple? Well it’s an apple. Whatever we call it, it doesn’t change the piece of fruit

DIY Biology with Thomas Landrain

This originally appeared on Pythagoras Trousers episode 123 on May 16th 2013 For this podcast I spoke to Thomas Landrain, the founder of La Paillase, a DIY Biology lab in Paris. I wanted to share this piece on here because

Monkeying Gods

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve become rather interested in synthetic biology. It’s new, it’s exciting, and no one is quite sure how it will progress, which puts everyone in unchartered waters. I like unchartered waters.┬áSailing into the unknown,

#futureofnature The Open Door

It seems like a simple and neat idea doesn’t it: bringing two communities together that are working to solve similar problems in different ways, to see if they can solve the problems together. Two minds are better than one, great

#futureofnature Day 3 summary

My thoughts, memories, and uptakes of the days’ events. Today has been about exploring the public perception of, and public engagement with synthetic biology and conservation biology. The question asked to the panel this morning was: The public landscape of