I, Science – Goggle vision

Feature, May 16th 2013 Humans might be the dominant species on land, but we’ve fared less well underwater, partly due to our inability to see clearly. This meant a world of adventure was inaccessible to us until the invention of

I, Science – The origin and future of life

Review, March 25th 2013 “In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.” From The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, by Douglas Adams. A celebration of

I, Science – #Scicom21 review: Engaging young people with science

Review, October 16th 2012 This October marks the 21st birthday of the science communication masters at Imperial College, London. And what better way to celebrate that inviting students, old and new, to network, discuss and learn about engaging young people with

I, Science – Handy insight into distorted body image

Feature, July 10th 2012 The way in which others see you is, more often than not, entirely different from the way you see yourself. Self-perception is largely dependent on your state of mind and how you compare yourself with others.

I, Science – 50 years of the Internet

Feature, June 7th 2012 There have been significant leaps in our understanding of science and technology in the last fifty years. Some have radically changed our world, such as our sending a man into space and the silicon chip. However,

Cardiff University – So long and thanks for all the physics

(Feature), 11th July 2012 Now that we have reached the end of our four years at Cardiff University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, we are going on to do bigger and better things. This does not mean that what we

British Science Association

As part of my work placement at the British Science Association, summer 2012, I was able to write several features in preparation for the British Science Festival. British Science Festival 2012 (Feature), 2nd August 2012 British Science Festival 2012 preview: Forensic

Society for Popular Astronomy magazine

Published in the print copies of the magazine. The Coolest Star Around, July-August 2012 The Society Pages Meeting report, 28 April Going out with a Whoop! , July-August 2012.


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