Julie Gould – science communicator


I’m a science communicator and love all things science. I enjoy using different mediums to tell the stories – picking the most suitable one to tell the story in the best way.

I’m currently working as a freelance science writer, editor, and podcaster based in the UK. My focus is science careers, with an aim to help early career researchers find their way to a career path that they are happy with. My biggest project at the moment is the monthly Naturejobs podcast, which I produce, edit and present.

Image Credit: @MassimoGaudina

I also work as a panel discussion moderator and enjoy moderating conferences. I’ve worked with the Marie Curie Sklowdoska Association on two of their events, including the MSCA’s 20 Year Anniversary event; with Naturejobs on four of their Expos,

I’ve worked as the Naturejobs editor at Nature. This role included writing, editing and commissioning blog and print pieces; editing, producing and presenting the Naturejobs podcast; and finding speakers for, and MC-ing, the Naturejobs career expo conference.

As a freelance writer she has spent time working on feature pieces on haemophilia for Nature Outlooks, and core facilities and mental health at universities for Nature Careers. Most recently she’s written feature articles for Nature on what the point is of a PhD thesis, and on how to build a better PhD.

She also works with Nature’s Outlook team to produce infographics on a variety of subjects, ranging from Food Security ($) to Bees ($) to Research Assessment in Australia ($), amongst other things.

Julie has in the past created Speaking of Science, a series of interviews with scientists and science communicators about science communication.