Julie is a physicist-turned-science communicator with a love for all things radio. Whether it’s the science of Jupiter, Schrodingers’ Hat, parkinsons disease, a freezer full of animal limbs for biomechanical studies or the science of science itself, over the last decade Julie’s explored the story using sound.

Her current project is co-presenting Let’s Dive In, a charming little podcast about life, the universe and everything in it. Whether it’s about planets, farts, emotions or even pirates, you’ll be amazed, astonished and intrigued as Julie and co-host Phil don’t just answer kids questions, they’ll set up experiments, speak to experts and take you down a rabbit hole to discover new things. Who knows, even the kids might like it!

As a full-time mum of three awesome kids, down-time is hard to come by, but when she gets it it’s either spent exercising or with a cup of hot chocolate and her favourite podcasts. In a previous life Julie was an international swimmer, but now prefers the slides with her kids to the trips up and down the pool lanes!

Over the past 10 years Julie’s produced and presented pieces ranging from the origins of human TB to the science of smell, from photovoltaic cells to synthetic meat. Julie’s always up for the challenge of taking a complex, scientific topic and creating fun, interesting and accessible radio to showcase it. Julie’s also comfortable with live audiences and has presented at, hosted and curated international conferences focused on careers in science. She’s been a speaker at the European Science Open Forum, ORPHEUS, Naturejobs Expo, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

As an extra bit of fun, Julie has presented shows on the science of swimming for schools and science festivals, and has run workshops for kids in the Science Tent at Camp Bestival 2018 and the Abhu Dhabi Science Festival.

If you want to find out more about what Julie can do for you, please get in touch using the form below…