9551541925_8673ae8400_bIt’s a part of life, getting to know yourself.
And one that we are constantly dealing with.
How are others supposed to understand us, if we have trouble understanding ourselves?
The What I see project is a global campaign to give women a safe space to voice their loves, hopes, dreams, worries and fears, all in answering one single question: What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I am proud to be a part of this project, and believe in the ability to understand youself, to be at one with yourself, and to be comfortable with the hand that you have been dealt.
As some one who is constantly asking other people questions, constantly looking outwards, trying to find other people’s stories, I find it fascinating (and difficult) to summarise my own. But it has opened things up to me, and has given me more confidence in what I am doing.
In the trailer above, I recognise a few women that I have worked with:
Dr Anna Zecharia, Imperial College
Dr Anna Zecharia, Imperial College

Wendy Saddler “I think I see someone who is passionate about something, and really wanting to change the world”,

Dr Anna Zecharia “I’m starting to see myself, as I am, all of me, without judging”
And Dr Ceri Brenner.
These three women all work in science and science communication, and they are wonderfully inspirational. I have been involved in looking at how women fit into a male dominated field like science, and these three are some of the many women that have shown that it is possible.
I hope that this project gives other women the confidence to voice their visions of what they see when they look in the mirror.
 Image credit: What I see project
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