The Naturejobs team looks at careers in sports science and life as a PhD student in 2017 following publication of Nature’s biennial PhD survey.

A combination of sport science and PhD life data is what this Naturejobs podcast: PhD in the fast lane, offers. Listen to the podcast here.

Jenny Kedros, research manager at Shift Learning, the educational research agency that helped analyse the data, talks about the survey’s main findings to chief careers editor David Payne.

Naturejobs editor Jack Leeming talks to Juan Delgado, head sports scientist and applied neurotechnology specialist in the New York Sports Science Lab in Staten Island, New York, about career changes and job satisfaction.

This month’s #AskTheExpert question comes from a speaker at last month’s 2017 London Naturejobs Career Expo. Esther Melo Herráiz, a postdoc researcher who now works in the partnering division at healthcare company Roche, wants to know more about how to plan for future careers. Nana Lee, assistant professor in the biochemistry department at the University of Toronto, Canada, answers Esther’s question.

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