Science-of-swimming-science-communicationEver wondered why you float? Why we use goggles? Or why you swim faster under the water than on top?


There is so much science in swimming, and by knowing just a bit more about it, you can really improve your technique, and maybe your speed!



Using various demonstrations both in and out of the water (if available), the Science of Swimming show explores how science and swimming are interlinked.


Topics: Newton’s Laws, Forces, Bernouilli’s principle, optics, material science




Duration: ~ 50 mins


Audience: All ages, but academically aimed at Key Stage 3, 4, 5


Please get in touch via the contact page if you are interested in having the Science of Swimming show at your swimming club, youth centre or school!


“I came to your Science of Swimming talk and enjoyed it … and learnt things, even though I’ve been swimming for nearly 40 years! … I also thought, especially being technically/scientifically minded, that if I’d been explained the principles of the science of swimming, I could have put it to good use!”

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