Julie-Gould-logoThere’s just something special about working with sounds.

They leave just the right amount to the imagination, but give the listener enough to build that imagination.

What I love most about working with radio, is how the spoken word contains so much more than just words.

Words are just the information, they are the symbols that represent real life things.

But it’s not just about the information or the science that people do in the podcasts I’ve put together that are interesting, it’s the way that they talk about them that fascinates me.

I love hearing how someone feels about something, just from listening to the way they talk. What I’ve so far enjoyed about making science podcasts is that the scientists, more often than not, sound so incredibly eager and excited about the work they are doing. This is the essence of what I wish to show the listeners.

That at the heart of every scientist, even the most serious one, is an excitable child, curious, exploratory, enthusiastic about the work they do.

These are the real people behind science, the real stories behind science.

And it is these stories, through the spoken word, that I explore in my audio adventures.

And now, you can listen to all of the podcasts I’ve made (so far) on iTunes. There isn’t any coherence or theme, these are just my audio adventures.

So why not subscribe and follow my audio adventures.

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