This summer I have been working as the Science in Society Assistant at the British Science Association. My main role has been to organise, run and produce the x-change, a daily highlights show at the British Science Festival.

The live show brought together the best, most exciting and controversial speakers of the event. It can be thought of as part cabaret, part science with demonstrations, cutting edge science and musical interludes.

Each live show was also turned into a podcast, or a video (soon to be uploaded) for those who were unable to make it to the live shows.

We had some amazing reviews and feedback, and this years’ show was the best yet, with audiences of up to 120 on some days!

I submitted my experience to the Collective Memory, a site run by the Science in Society team at the British Science Association. The site acts as a database for peoples’ experiences in science communication, in the hope that it will help others who are looking to do something similar. People can learn from each others mistakes and take on board any useful tips from successes. It is a very useful site, and I encourage science communicators to use it.

To have a read through my experiences in producing the x-change, please follow this link.

Go to the orginal article here or listen below