Watch out Einstein, a new science stereotype is blooming. Scientists have been seen to be ditching the lab coats, and instead are donning flowery shirts.

Last night I went to the Massive Science Showoff, which was a huge success. Laughs, science, explosions, cereal, art, and duck porn (don’t ask) and many other great acts.

But apart from the brilliant acts, there were other things to be noticed. Fashion statements were made throughout the evening. First off, Steve Cross, Compare Extraodinaire, changed his t-shirt between each act. Whether this was a fashion statement or not, who knows. I wonder if some of the audience noticed?

But the scientists were showing some fashionable traits too. Amongst the ten acts, four of the male performers were wearing flowery shirts. Mark Miodownik, Jon Butterworth, Andrea Sella and Martin Austwick were are making a new statement: Fleur de Geek.

Is this the new stereotypical scientist? I have to say, I remember some of my undergraduate professors sporting some fabulously floral shirts. Maybe this is the new cool, the new Geek Chic. Bye bye lab coats, hello flowers.

These aren’t the only ones. Dara O’briain, in his new BBC 2 show Science Club was sporting a subtle floral pattern too.

So maybe, in a few years time, when we ask children to draw what they think is a scientist, they will no longer draw old men with lab coats, instead they will be giving them beautiful, multicoloured floral shirts.

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