As a new and completely inexperienced blogger, I thought this was a very appropriate title as I joined this world of blogging.

The problem I now have it that I don’t seem to have much to blog about. This leaves me with very little to make a good first impression! But what makes a good first impression in a blog?

It is common knowledge that in the “real” world, first impressions are made within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new. In this time, people have formed an opinion about your appearance, your body language, your demeanour, and even your mannerisms.

Interviews are one of those scenarios where a good first impression gives you an edge over everyone else. Do we look the part? Have we given a proper hand shake (not the wet fish kind)? Have we smiled? Have we addressed the interviewer by their name etcetera. A first date can also be considered as a type of interview. In this type of situation we (I only have a girls point of view here) spend a significant amount of time on making ourselves look good; hair, make-up, dress, shoes, the works. We fret about how to greet the other party, topics of conversation, escape strategies if necessary.

Yet on a blog, I can’t dress it up in a pretty frock, or put on any make-up (the amount that makes it look as if you haven’t put any on at all but gives the impression that you naturally look this good all the time!). Instead, I hope to just say things as they are, in my point of view, in my world; A Whole New World. I won’t dress it up, cover it up or pretend that it is anything else.

Happy reading!

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