This podcast originally appeared on the Pod Delusion episode 207 on October 4th 2013

This podcast gives a bit of a flavour of the makers and shakers that attended Over The Air 2013.

I attended OTA on behalf of The Mobile Collective, one of the sponsors of the event.

In this podcast I speak to two of the organisers, Matthew Cashmore and Dan Appelquist about what this event is all about.

I also speak to some of the attendees to find out about some of the things they put together.

The first person I speak to Nick Herriot from Vodafone, who has created an interactive light. The light is part of an internet-of-things system: it is connected via the phone systems to a mobile phone. When the phone texts the light to turn red…. the light turns red!

Robot controlled cars are always popular.

And finally I speak to Paul Tanner who was part of a group that made Airsome! An air quality meter that can measure the levels of pollution and keeps track of them using GPS systems.

The fact that the event is held at Bletchley Park is “the hack thing”. Being surrounded by the rich history that resonates there, you can feel that you are in the shadow of some really world changing thinking.

I also produced a shorter audio slideshow for the Citizen Cyberlab about Over The Air too.

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