Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014

Over this weekend, London has been the host to the Citizen Cyberscience Summit. I was asked to attend, and to collect some answers to the following questions to the delegates: 1) What is your vision for the future of citizen…

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Citizen Cyberscience Summit

In two weeks time, the 3rd Citizen Cyberscience Summit will be held in London. In the past few months, I've been working closely with some of the Citizen Cyberlab team, making some videos of events they attend and running their podcast Citizens of…

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Citizens Of Science

As part of my role as Freelance Multimedia Producer at The Mobile Collective, I am running their podcast series called Citizens of Science, hosted on Audioboo. My role is to produce, present and research each episode of Citizens of Science,…

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Citizen Cyberlab

  Citizen Cyberlab is an EU funded project that provides online platforms for citizen science projects. I am the freelance multimedia producer for Citizen Cyberlab, writing blogs, doing interviews, making podcasts and audio slideshows as well as creating short films.…

Citizen Cyberlab
Citizen Cyberlab