Can you define nature?

One comment I picked up on today (summary here) during the #futureofnature conference was that the most difficult word to define in the English language is nature. What is nature? Have we integrated and/or meddled with nature to such an extent…

Wimbledon 2013: The Philosophers Battle

As part of the MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, we were asked at the beginning of January to create a product, any product, that was based on the first semester's theory. I remember that day. It was, I must admit,…

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Aristotle vs Francis Bacon Credit Annie Mackinder
Popper and Eddington

I've recently had to write an essay about whether or not I think Karl Popper got science 'right'. This is a pretty open-ended question, and required what I think is an insane amount of reading. After all of it, I…

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